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Choros Porta

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The Choros Porta’s rechargeable lithium ion batteries deliver a minimum of eight hours of playback time

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TIBO Choros Porta – Portable / Wireless / Bluetooth / Wi-Fi / Multiroom / Hi-Fi Speaker / Internet Radio

The Choros Porta’s rechargeable lithium-ion batteries deliver a minimum of eight hours of playback time. The speaker comes complete with 3.5mm line-in for connecting to other devices, Wi-Fi or DLNA for connecting to the internet. 2 x 2.0” drive unit for natural high-frequency response and 1 x stiff spider speaker for controlled tight bass. TIBO Choros Porta High-Resolution audio is delivered by 25W of RMS power supplied by a class D Amp 4 Ohms and 85 dB 200Hz-15KHz. Choros Porta is transportable, rechargeable complete with a carry handle. This active speaker makes music entertainment available whenever and wherever it is needed.

With the deceptively simple TIBO, Choros Porta users can create a multiroom sound system in seconds. TIBO’s quality sound reproduction combine with a unique, style make this speaker standout in any environment.

You can store up to 5 different internet radio stations from all over the world. Music can be streamed from the simple free TIBO app or by using Bluetooth on your mobile device to one or more rooms in CD quality.

Weight 1.13 kg
Dimensions 9.1 × 9.1 × 21.0 cm
Power Handling



3.5mm Line / AUX, Battery Built-in, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & Multiroom


Whole Range of Portable Speakers

3 reviews for Choros Porta

  1. Simon

    Very surprised how loud it is, feels good in hand, very easy to carry around. My friends was impressed.

  2. Simon

    Another amazing bit of tech from Tibo, with incredible features and looks along with the battery life this is a compact power house and is more then loud enough for by the pool or in the garden, we have been moving it around the house while doing the house work, its controls are really tidy as well.

  3. Zoltan A Balogh (verified owner)

    Speedy shipping.
    Nice looking speaker.
    The audio quality is good, and it’s loud enough. Less bass less than the other Bluetooth speakers, but this bass level is the “normal” level.
    The app is simple on Android. The 5 preset “channels” are working nice, changing quick.
    Reasonable price.
    No Google Home integration, so PlexAudio is not available.
    No Next-Previous button.
    The touch buttons are a bit odd.

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