Legacy 1+


Legacy 1+


The TIBO legacy 1+ bookshelf speakers will give hours of listening pleasure.

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TIBO Legacy 1+ – Pair of 100W RMS Passive Bookshelf Hi-Fi Loudspeakers

Despite appearances to the contrary, the Legacy 1+ is a true bass-reflex design, making use of the rear radiation from the bass/midrange driver, as well as that from the front. The port is 44mm in diameter, 126mm long and has a curved exit, to minimise chaffing, which can be a factor with such a small-diameter port. The fact that the port exits at the bottom, where it can’t be seen, has meant TIBO has been able to externally mount the lip, which means less of the port is inside the cabinet, enables much more secure fixing of the port to the cabinet. A true win, win solution! Does this mean you can’t stand-mount the speakers? No, you can still stand-mount them – though you will get a slightly improved bass response if you stand them on a fairly solid, flat surface.

The down-firing port also explains the four bullet-shaped feet supplied: they ensure the speaker is sitting high enough above a surface to ensure maximum bass output. Tibo specifies the lower frequency at 50Hz and the upper at 20kHz. Sensitivity is at 89dB, giving incredibly high efficiency from such small speakers The impedance is 4-8 ohms.

Weight 7.0 kg
Dimensions 38.5 × 27.3 × 32.0 cm
Power Handling

100W RMS




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