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    Multi-room Speakers

    Kameleon Multiroom Audio Pack

    TIBO Kameleon Multiroom Audio Pack comes with 3 sizes of speakers -Kameleon Touch with Amazon Alexa built-in and Kameleon 4 & 6 HiFi Bluetooth WiFi Speakers. So simple to set up. The Kameleon system can be placed in different rooms and all be controlled by the TIBO app. You can play your music to one speakers or share your music across your home.


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  • Bluetooth

    Bond 3

    With this simple little box you can make your existing Hi-Fi capable of playing wireless streaming music in high resolution from either Bluetooth or through your home WiFi. Just connect to an amplifier and your home network and your system is fully upgraded for streaming.

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  • Active Speakers

    Plus 3.1

    TIBO Plus 3.1 Bluetooth active bookshelves HiFi speaker system will provide remarkable sound in multiple set-ups which includes home DJ’s, great TV sound, HiFi stereo, Playstation etc. All you need is a power socket and we are sure you will be impressed by the sound this pair of speakers provide you.

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    DAB Tuner

    TI435DAB – DAB+, DAB, FM, Hi-Fi Stereo Tuner

    TIBO TI435 DAB+/FM Tuner is ideally equipped for listening to a wide range of stations. Select DAB+ and you’ll be able to listen to a vast range of digital radio stations. You can store up to 9 radio stations for easy access. The TIBO TI435 DAB+/FM comes in a sturdy metal cabinet with a handmade aluminium front panel ensuring top performance at a budget price.

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  • Amplifiers

    SIA75 – Smart Integrated Amplifier 75

    SIA75 is a flexible performer with 2 x 75W RMS and a choice of streaming via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi plus the addition of 2 x RCA, 1 x optical and 1 x Phono inputs plus 1 x sub output. You can store 9 internet radio stations on the front without you having to open the app. The TIBO SIA-75 = the next generation of Smart Integrated Amplifiers.

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    Legacy 5+

    The TIBO Legacy 5+ floorstanding speakers are a true bass-reflex design featuring a 25 mm soft dome tweeter and a aluminium die cast 135 mm. woofer. The Legacy 5+ speakers comes with screw terminal for optimum interconnection and specially designed spikes for optimum placement. The Legacy 5+ sound is involving and gives you an openness only heard on much more expensive products and offers a tight controlled bass response.

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    Alexa Speakers

    Kameleon Touch

    TIBO Kameleon touch is TIBO’s first, Wi-Fi Bluetooth multiroom speaker supported by Amazon Alexa. The Kameleon Touch comes with three sets of side panels ensuring you a perfect match for any room. The sound quality is impressive for such a small cabinet. Choose the Kameleon Touch if you want the Alexa feature but don’t want an open microphone and a happy to activate Alexa when required.

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    Bluetooth Speakers

    Choros 4

    The TIBO Choros 4 offers a small footprint giving you a wealth of options in regards to placement. You can store up to 5 internet radio presets on the top panel and either play bluetooth or WiFi though the speaker. The sound is involving and especially the bass response is impressive for this little wonder.

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What the press Say?

TIBO - all the latest Technology included

Wireless Multiroom Music System

All TIBO WiFi products works together in one great ecosystem - stream music to one or all

Two Units For Perfect Stereo

Buy two of the same speaker and set them up as left and right in the app - enjoy great stereo

Automatic Software Updates

Rest assured your product will always have the latest technology due to the automatic software updates

Hi-Res Audio

Listen to great sound in full CD Hi-Fi quality from either one of our smart speaker or from our range of WiFi amplifiers

Fully Expandable Up To 16 Devices

You can keep building the TIBO ecosystem - connect and control up to 16 individual WiFi products

Direct Preset

Store your favourite internet radio stations on the direct presets on each WiFi product for easy access

Perfect Sync In Every Room

The Tibo WiFi products will automatically playback in sync. once in group mode giving you the option to listen to the same content all over your home or outdoor.

Whole House Multiroom System

The Tibo WiFi range is wast - we have everything you need to get great sound in every room

Hi-Fi Ready

HiFi sound is very dear to us. Thats why all TIBO products all offers a sound quality very difficult to beat at affordable pricing

Group Mode

All TIBO WiFi products offers a simple way to playback the same content in or outdoor. You simply press the group button and you will hear the same music on all TIBO WIFI products

DLNA Support

All TIBO WIFi products supports DLNA playback. That means you can play directly from most apps to a TIBO WiFi products without using the TIBO app

No Skips, Delays Or Drops

Once you are connected to your WiFi or even better by using LAN (not available on all products) there will be no stopping you streaming


If you are looking to upgrade your Hi-Fi speakers at an affordable price look no further than TIBO Harmony – We are sure you will be amazed on the sound performance.


Our range of Legacy HiFi speakers offer detailed HiFi sound with great bass response due to the bass reflex port placement and high quality TIBO designed driver units.


if you are looking to get started with WiFi streaming by upgrading your current system – check out the TIBO Bond range – we are sure we have your streaming requirements covered.


The TIBO budget multiroom speaker range offers you plenty of choice for each room and a sound performance hard to beat with surprising great bass response


It’s in the name – changeable side panels are included in this great sounding range of smart speakers – Kameleon offers you the best TIBO sound for indoor use.


We simply love HiFi separates – build your system with or without WiFi streaming – all products are built with high quality sound in a no nonsense sturdy design.


Play HiFi stereo sound from your TV, PC, mobile phone, tablet, turntable etc. on a pair of TIBO plus speakers. A wealth of connections build in sturdy handcrafted cabinets.



All TIBO products are designed and developed in the UK and are exclusively available through selected e-tailers. Our low cost distribution model ensures all TIBO customers receive great value for money….
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All TIBO products are designed and developed in the UK and are exclusively available through selected e-tailers. Our low cost distribution model ensures all TIBO customers receive great value for money….
follow us:

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