About us

This is TIBO

British Hi-Fi is known all over the World for making great audio products with perfect sound – This is the TIBO way. TIBO has more than 30 years, and always has one simple goal in mind – namely to develop affordable, great sounding products with a modern design. We achieved this by using traditional craftsmanship and natural materials in combination with the latest technology at component level.

Designed and Developed in The UK

Our products are designed and developed in-house here in the UK to ensure reliability, great design and perfect sound. Only audio products with the perfect fusion of quality sound reproduction, technological innovation and supreme style can wear the TIBO badge. TIBO accomplishes this by combining its deep understanding of music, acoustics and electronics with an obsession for superior, affordable sound.

Traditional Hi-Fi With
A ModernTwist!

TIBO are one of the very few companies around the World to have worked hard to incorporate latest Hi-Fi audio Streaming technologies, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, into most of our products without compromising on sound quality. Our traditional separates range has been totally updated to Smart Audio so that today you can enjoy exceptional Hi-Fi stereo in the lounge through streaming services such as TIDAL & Spotify in a perfect High-Resolution Audio format.
We have extended the separates Smart Audio range into single standalone stereo products, which can be placed anywhere in the home or even be enjoyed outside courtesy of the internal rechargeable battery.