Down with the kids? How to mix children and portable speakers

Down with the kids? How to mix children and portable speakers

Down with the kids? How to mix children and portable speakers

School’s out for summer and for many families, the prospect of finding the time, energy and money to keep the kids entertained for weeks on end can be daunting. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to keep them busy with a portable speaker, a music streaming or internet radio device, some space to move about and a little imagination.

Here is TIBO’s smart guide to keeping the kids entertained this summer.

Get up and active

Tempt everyone away from their screens with a full itinerary of fun activities designed to get people moving and keeping fit. A portable speaker enables you to play music wherever you want (as long as you are considerate to those around you), so you can turn almost anywhere into an aerobics studio, dance floor or even a summer music festival. Kids will enjoy joining in a fun fitness session, or planning their own sports day with silly races interspersed with some running, jumping or even ball skills. Hold a medal ceremony at the end and use portable speakers to play your chosen national anthems to add a patriotic touch.

Party time

Whether you have a birthday in the family or not, summer is the ideal time to throw an impromptu party. Grab some party food, mix up some mocktails and put an invite list together for the gathering of the season. Whatever the age of the party goers, having a musical backdrop to the event adds a whole new dimension of fun and friendship. Set up some party games you can play using music, such as music chairs, musical bumps and pass the parcel for younger children, or hold a dance-off for older kids who want to show off their latest moves. Don’t forget the prizes for the best, most amusing or most enthusiastic participant!

Brain cell workout

While summer is a great chance to relax after the rigours of the past academic year, don’t forget to keep one eye on the not-so distant future and the inevitable return to school in September. You may want to take your children through a few gentle reminder sessions in English, maths or areas where they would benefit from a few reminders of what they have already learnt. Use your speaker to download podcasts that you think they might enjoy, or to listen to inspiring lectures, such as the TED Talks series. Who knows, you might stumble across a brand-new passion that will reignite a love for learning, even in the middle of the school holidays.

Get cultured

The rise of digital technology has made the world a smaller place when it comes to accessing new cultures, languages and traditions. Pick a country and tune in to one of its radio stations, via your smart speaker’s internet radio capabilities. You can also download language learning apps, or even research other aspects of another country, such as recipes, music, sporting achievements or literature. Alternatively, you might like to explore a new kind of music by searching online and seeing what

comes up that you can listen to at home or while you are on holiday somewhere. Perhaps the kids could pick type of music each and see how much they can find out about it over a week, or longer. At the end of the specified time, each member of the family can present a playlist that reflects what they have found out.

Chill time

Finally, using your speaker to entertain the children this summer needn’t be all about getting them excited and bouncing about. Download some gentle music to help them drift off to sleep, or play their favourite fairy stories to guide them on their way to sweet dreams. You could play quiet music during meal times to keep the mood chilled and encourage calmer afternoons while on holiday by having some soothing background music as you enjoy a quiet read or do some arts and crafts in the garden.

Whatever you choose to do, we wish you all a wonderful, relaxing summer!