Festival season: top tips for easy music listening

Festival season: top tips for easy music listening

Festival season is upon us with some of the major UK festivals kicking off in just a matter of weeks. Whether you are die-hard Glastonbury or Reading fan, or prefer to rock out to some heavier metal tunes at Download, there will be some things that you will not be able to do without. So, when you are packing your toilet paper, wet wipes, sleeping bag and tent, don’t forget to pick up your portable speaker for music on the go – Bluetooth technology means that you can stream pretty much any tune you like to keep the party going when the main stage falls silent.

Taking care of your speakers at a festival is very important, as a loss or breakage can really put a downer on the mood. Here’s how to look after them.

Put a label on it

If you thought that nametapes are for school days only, then you are very much mistaken. While you may have grown out of having to ask your mum to sew nametapes into your socks or write your name in big black letters across the collar of your raincoat, it makes sense to have a sure-fire way to identify your property at a festival, in case it goes missing innocently, or via a deliberate theft. There are many ways that you can ‘mark your territory’, from having a name, postcode or telephone number engraved to using a marker pen to add your details or even attaching a label or luggage tag.

Watch the spillages

What with all the beer, soft drinks, water bottles, BBQ lighter fluids and on-site showering facilities, there are plenty of opportunities for your speaker to be splashed or even dropped into liquid. While it’s best to avoid doing this altogether, if the worst happens, get it out as quickly as possible and kill the power. If you spill anything on top of the speaker, wipe it off straight away because even something viscous and slower-moving such as tomato ketchup or honey can eventually work its way inside the speaker and can cause significant damage. The same goes for food – eat well away from your speakers to avoid dropping crumbs inside.


The UK summer isn’t always known for its searing hot temperatures, and many a festival has been awash with rain and mud. Nevertheless, just as you prepare to protect yourself from the heat with sun cream, hats and long-sleeved tops, so too should you take precautions to keep your speakers cool. Pack a case to keep it out of direct sunlight or setup your speaker somewhere where it can sit in the shade, regardless of the weather conditions. Never leave it in direct sunlight and watch out if you are planning to keep it in your tent or car for a long time, as temperatures can get extremely hot over time in enclosed spaces like these.

Accessorise, darling!

Finally, make sure you look after any accessories that you take along to a festival for use with your speakers. Battery chargers should be kept out of direct sunlight, as should spare batteries or power packs. Check for any damage to headphones, LEDs, microphones or memory cards and don’t forget to label these too for easier retrieval if they go missing. Always make sure that you are using accessories that are compatible with your speaker to avoid damage to the speaker or a heightened risk of injury from electric sparks or burns.

If you can follow these top tips for protecting and enjoying your portable speaker during the UK music festival season, you will be good to go and ready to party on. Have fun this summer and stay safe!