How to look after your home speaker

How to look after your home speaker

How to look after your home speaker

A good quality home speaker is an important investment and as such, should be treated properly to ensure a longer life. Keeping it clean and dust-free is an excellent start, however, here at TIBO, we like to think there is plenty more you can do to keep your speaker in top working order. Here are some ways to show your TIBO speaker some love.

Good housekeeping

As mentioned above, one of the best things you can do for your speaker is to keep it clean and free from dust. Dust can get inside the casing and affect performance. To get rid of it, use compressed air or a vacuum cleaner on its most gentle setting to blow any particles out again. Consider keeping your TIBO speaker behind glass doors when not in use to reduce its exposure to dust. Never use liquid cleaners on your speaker, as these can damage the amplifiers. Instead, wipe the surface with a damp, lint-free cloth and leave to dry naturally. You can always contact TIBO for their recommended cleaning products and techniques. (email address at the bottom of the page)

On the surface

Where you place your TIBO speaker is, believe it or not, very important too. Keep them away from all magnetic sources, as these can damage the inbuilt electromagnet. Similarly, avoid putting your speaker on a metal surface. Instead, choose a wooden base, such as a shelf or cupboard, or place your speaker directly on a hard floor – making sure that it isn’t in a place that is prone to be knocked by passers-by. Avoid sitting it on a carpet though, as this can cause static electricity to build up. You can get anti-static floor mats and sprays to help counteract that.

Watch the weather

Here at TIBO, we suggest that you aim to keep your speaker out of direct sunlight to help keep it cool. Also, rays from the sun can affect the voice coil of the speakers if they are blazing down on it too much. Never block any vent holes that are present and have enough space around the speaker to ensure proper ventilation. Doing these things can help avoid burn out and will keep the system safer and at less risk from electrical faults. If you use it a lot, consider placing fans nearby to help keep the temperatures down, especially in the hotter months.

Technical know-how

Always make sure your TIBO speakers have an uninterrupted power supply and voltage stabiliser to protect them against power surges or electrical storms. When you first set them up, run them for 24 hours solid to identify any manufacturer’s defects. This is known as a ‘burn-out’ test. Never wrap or bend any cables too tightly

as this can cause the plastic covering to tear. Keep them out of the reach of pets and young children too. Aim to have your speakers serviced regularly and always consult a member of the TIBO team if they become damaged or the sound becomes distorted. Don’t play music through them at a top volume too often – while your speakers may be capable of earth-shattering volumes, it doesn’t do them any good to push them to their limits too often. Not to mention the relationship with your neighbours…