Our focus on design & Sound…

Our focus on design & Sound…

Only audio products with the perfect fusion of quality sound reproduction, technological innovation and supreme style can wear the TIBO badge.

TIBO accomplishes this by combining its deep understanding of music, acoustics and electronics with an obsession for superior, affordable sound blended with UK influenced design.

Each of the individual components of the TIBO Smart Audio range has been manufactured with these standards in mind. Every product has been engineered to partner and work in synergy with the others in the series, impeccably balanced for the maximum entertainment experience and enjoyment.

The quality, traditional materials and the fresh chic design of the exterior provide a distinct contrast to the state of the art electronic components housed inside. They flawlessly unite to give an unbeatable performance, stimulating the most discerning ears and eyes.

The company’s uncompromising approach to the design of its Smart Audio range is matched only by its relentless pursuit of the best value for money.

“TIBO Smart Audio Is A Work Of Art”