Smart Audio

TIBO Smart Audio

All TIBO Smart Audio products feature the following technologies:


Internet Radio

Streaming radio from the internet has never been easier - simply store any of the thousand online stations on your pre-sets either on the product or in the TIBO app.


Direct Preset

One-touch access to your music with a minimum of 5 personalized pre-sets. All TIBO multiroom speaker features a number of pre-sets that you can easily set and change directly on the system or with the free TIBO app.


Whole House Multiroom System

Play your music in every room. Play your music throughout the Home with our TIBO multiroom system, you can enjoy your favourite tune in different rooms of the house or different songs in each room.


Wireless Multiroom Music System

TIBO Smart Audio multiroom system delivers music throughout the house wirelessly, using your home Wi-Fi network.


Perfect Sync In Every Room

TIBO app allows you to stream a different song in each room, group rooms together in zones for different music in each zone, or hear the same song everywhere in perfect sync.


Automatic Software Updates

Stay updated with new features and services. TIBO Smart Audio multiroom is constantly improving, with new features and services. As soon as a new feature emerges, your system will automatically update itself, just like your apps on your phone.


Group Mode

At the touch of a button you can group all your TIBO Smart Audio product together and play the same song.


No Skips, Delays Or Drops

Play your music with confidence. Our Smart Audio wireless collection provides whole-house coverage, ensures synchronous music playback, and avoids sources of wireless interference.


DLNA Support

Play music from any DLNA/UPNP DMS device. TIBO Smart Audio speakers can use any DLNA/UPNP device as a source – such as your computer, home server, NAS or other media player.


Fully Expandable Up To 16 Devices

TIBO Smart Audio multiroom range is a complete family of products. You can begin building your wireless multiroom system with just one speaker, and later add further speakers all around your home.


Hi-Fi Ready

All Smart Audio speakers are Hi-Fi Ready and connect wirelessly with ease. Join two for superb stereos. When connecting two speakers, one can be made left and the other right giving true Hi-Fi stereo sound.


Two Units For Perfect Stereo

Create a stereo pair and hear vocals and instruments as if they were in the room. You can use two TIBO Smart Audio.


Hi-Res Audio

Hi-Res Audio closely replicates the sound quality that musicians and engineers are working with in the studio. 



TIBO Bounce allows users to ‘bounce’ audio signals around their home from one speaker to another. With TIBO Bounce, audio can be streamed from any source via smart devices, anywhere in the house. 

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