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  • Amplifiers

    SIA50 – Smart Integrated Amplifier 50

    SIA50 produces a big sound, an unbelievable 2 x 50W RMS. The amp provides you with various sources to choose to connect to. From Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 1 x line in, 1 x subwoofer output and 1 x optical in..

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  • Bluetooth Speakers

    Kameleon 6

    The largest speaker is the range delivering the ultimate sound experience is the Kameleon 6.

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  • Alexa Speakers

    Kameleon Touch

    TIBO Kameleon touch is TIBO’s first, Wi-Fi Bluetooth multiroom speaker supported by Amazon Alexa. The Kameleon Touch comes with three sets of side panels ensuring you a perfect match for any room. The sound quality is impressive for such a small cabinet. Choose the Kameleon Touch if you want the Alexa feature but don’t want an open microphone and a happy to activate Alexa when required.

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  • Bluetooth Speakers

    Kameleon 4

    The Kameleon 4 comes with 3.5mm line-in for connecting to other devices, 1 x 4” drive unit and rear tuned port for controlled tight bass,  2 x 0.75” dome tweeter for natural high frequency response.

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    Sphere 4

    With the deceptively simple TIBO Sphere 4 users can create a multiroom sound system in seconds

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    Legacy 5+

    The TIBO Legacy 5+ floorstanding speakers are a true bass-reflex design featuring a 25 mm soft dome tweeter and a aluminium die cast 135 mm. woofer. The Legacy 5+ speakers comes with screw terminal for optimum interconnection and specially designed spikes for optimum placement. The Legacy 5+ sound is involving and gives you an openness only heard on much more expensive products and offers a tight controlled bass response.

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  • Harmony

    Harmony 2

    The TIBO Harmony 2 is an affordable genuine Hi Fi speaker with a stylish compact design making it a popular choice for discerning listeners.

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  • Multi-room Speakers

    Kameleon Multiroom Audio Pack

    TIBO Kameleon Multiroom Audio Pack comes with 3 sizes of speakers -Kameleon Touch with Amazon Alexa built-in and Kameleon 4 & 6 HiFi Bluetooth WiFi Speakers. So simple to set up. The Kameleon system can be placed in different rooms and all be controlled by the TIBO app. You can play your music to one speakers or share your music across your home.


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    Sphere 2

    The Sphere 2’s rechargeable lithium ion batteries deliver a minimum of eight hours of playback time

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    Bond 3

    With this simple little box you can make your existing Hi-Fi capable of playing wireless streaming music in high resolution from either Bluetooth or through your home WiFi. Just connect to an amplifier and your home network and your system is fully upgraded for streaming.

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    Bluetooth Speakers

    Choros Porta

    The Choros Porta’s rechargeable lithium ion batteries deliver a minimum of eight hours of playback time

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