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  • Amplifiers

    SIA75 – Smart Integrated Amplifier 75

    SIA75 is a flexible performer with 2 x 75W RMS and a choice of streaming via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi plus the addition of 2 x RCA, 1 x optical and 1 x Phono inputs plus 1 x sub output. You can store 9 internet radio stations on the front without you having to open the app. The TIBO SIA-75 = the next generation of Smart Integrated Amplifiers.

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  • Bluetooth

    Bond 4

    Thanks to the TIBO Bond 4 you can make any passive speakers a wireless music streaming Hi-Fi

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    SIA50 – Smart Integrated Amplifier 50

    SIA50 produces a big sound, an unbelievable 2 x 50W RMS. The amp provides you with various sources to choose to connect to. From Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 1 x line in, 1 x subwoofer output and 1 x optical in..

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    Hi-Fi Separates

    PA150 – Power Amplifier 150

    A150 outputs 150W RMS per channel, but with a simple klick of a switch, it turns into a 300W RMS Mono power amplifier. Providing improved sound quality.

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  • CD Player

    TI435CDP – Compact Disc Player – Manufacturer Refurbished

    TI435CDP features a high-quality D/A conversion block with 32-bit/192-kHz D/A converter that delivers wide dynamic range, along with extremely low noise and distortion

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    TI435AMP – Integrated Amplifier – Manufacturer refurbished

    TI435AMP has 2 x 50W RMS of output powers  has 4 x RCA Line in 1 x Optical in and 1 x Sub out. A brushed aluminium fascia and polished aluminium control knob make a joy both to look at and use.

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    Hi-Fi Separates

    Smart Streamer / Pre-Amplifier

    Perfect HiFi streaming pre amplifier featuring 3 external analogue and 1 digital optical source plus streaming option of WiFi or Bluetooth. Store your favourite internet radios as presets and share the music via a TIBO multiroom set-up

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  • Bluetooth

    Bond 2

    With this simple little box you can make your existing Hi-Fi capable of playing wireless streaming music in high resolution.

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    DAB Tuner

    TI435DAB – DAB+, DAB, FM, Hi-Fi Stereo Tuner – Manufacturer Refurbished Product

    TIBO TI435 DAB+/FM Tuner is ideally equipped for listening to a wide range of stations. Select DAB+ and you’ll be able to listen to a vast range of digital radio stations. You can store up to 9 radio stations for easy access. The TIBO TI435 DAB+/FM comes in a sturdy metal cabinet with a handmade aluminium front panel ensuring top performance at a budget price.

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    Bond 3 – Internet streamer

    With this simple little box you can make your existing Hi-Fi capable of playing wireless streaming music in high resolution from either Bluetooth or through your home WiFi. Just connect to an amplifier and your home network and your system is fully upgraded for streaming.

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