Bond 3 – Internet streamer

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Bond 3 – Internet streamer

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With this simple little box you can make your existing Hi-Fi capable of playing wireless streaming music in high resolution from either Bluetooth or through your home WiFi. Just connect to an amplifier and your home network and your system is fully upgraded for streaming.

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Bond 3 –  Smart Wireless, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Multiroom Audio Streaming Receiver with Optical Out

Thanks to the TIBO Bond 3 you can make Hi-Fi or soundbar a wireless music streaming Hi-Fi. With this simple little box, you can make your existing Hi-Fi capable of playing wireless streaming music in high resolution. Simply connect the Bond 3 to your Wi-Fi network, download the free TIBO app for your smartphone or tablet and you’re good to start streaming music. The connections required between the Bond 3 and your Hi-Fi or soundbar are simply Optical out or 3.5mm or 3,5mm to RCA phono interconnect. You can also stream via Bluetooth.
The Bond 3 USP supports FLAC, MP3 and WAW files
The USB supports up to 128 GB flash storage – it does not support Hard Drives
The USB storage must be saved in FAT32

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 11.0 × 11.0 × 3.0 cm

3.5mm Line / AUX, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & Multiroom



5 reviews for Bond 3 – Internet streamer

  1. Nic Jones (verified owner)

    Excellent product and a great replacement for my now obsolete airport expresses. Very versatile as it also has line in and Bluetooth. Works with my Airfoil app as well. I have two systems in two rooms and it’s fun to split them left and right!
    One request though: it would be great to be able to share the line in on the network – it would be a solution for those with turntables. At present there is no easy way to play vinyl as easily as online audio on a network. Very happy with my Tibo!

    • IT

      You can share the line in on the network.

      Just drop any Tibo speaker or amplifier on top of the speaker you want to share the line in from.

      That also goes for Bluetooth.

  2. B Fisher (verified owner)

    Brilliant! Works out of the box with my Tibo Amp and Android devices….streaming over WiFi, Bluetooth or line in.

  3. Crista Liviu

    Hi,I tried to get sound from USB using an external DAC,in my case the Topping E30 but unfortunately no audio.i have chosen this way since the optical output is only 44khz,no matter what source I am feeding the Tibo. I have tried Tidal Master and Flac (48,88,96 khz) from DLNA but the most I can get is stil 44. Is this limited hardware? Thank you

  4. John Stott

    I picked up one of these (refurbished) because I wanted to be able to stream music through my Plus 1.1 speakers via wi-fi, rather than keep switching bluetooth on and off. I found set-up to be easier than I expected. I simply downloaded the Tibo app, followed the instructions and I was ready to go in a matter of seconds.
    I connected the Bond 3 to the speakers via an optical cable and the overall sound quality is excellent. Very impressed with this, especially at such a low price.

  5. Chris (verified owner)

    Bought at the reduced price and have connected it up to my hifi. Haven’t tried anything in high fidelity yet but am happy so far! It would be nice if you could use Alexa to connect through the Tibo app and control it with voice commands. Maybe something for a future update?

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