Choros 6 Refurbished

Choros 6 Refurbished

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The largest speaker is the range delivering the ultimate sound experience is the Choros 6.

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TIBO Choros 6 – Wireless, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Multiroom Speaker

This big speaker comes with 3.5mm line in for connecting other devices, 1 x 5 1/4” drive unit and rear tuned port for controlled tight bass and a 2 x 0.75” dome tweeter for a natural high-frequency response. All this delivered with 80 watts of RMS power supplied by a class D Amp 4ohm 88 dB 100Hz-20KHz. It allows the user to enjoy all their music from a multitude of sources with full natural sound reproduction.

TIBO Choros 6 has full TIBO Bounce capability and can be controlled with the easy to use drag-and-drop functionality of the FREE TIBO app. It can be used to play lossless High-Resolution Audio, streamed via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, in single, stereo or group mode at the touch of a button. Paired with another Smart Audio speaker, TIBO Choros 6 delivers superb stereo sound, playback music in single, stereo or group mode at the touch of a button, or fill the whole house with music with more in the group mode. Plus, the 5 direct pre-sets allow thousands of internet radio stations to be readily available.

Weight 4.1 kg
Dimensions 20.0 × 20.0 × 28.0 cm
Power Handling



3.5mm Line / AUX, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & Multiroom


Whole Range of Multiroom Speakers

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