Setting up the optimum gaming speaker system

Setting up the optimum gaming speaker system

Setting up the optimum gaming speaker system

Serious gamers will understand how essential it is to get everything exactly right for the optimum computer or console gaming session. This includes the speakers, as without authentic sound set at the right level, it is nigh on impossible to immerse yourself completely into whatever game you are playing. Sound is just as important as visuals when it comes to today’s sophisticated set-ups, so here are some ideas to maximise your options for superlative gaming sound.

Look around you

Choosing the right speaker set-up for your gaming room is crucial. As the acoustics will vary depending on the size, contents and location of your chosen space. Stereo speakers should be more than adequate unless your room is huge and a one-piece hardware item such as a sound bar or sound base will be plenty for a room that is not totally dedicated to gaming, as it is more compact and so will not take up so much room. Again, the viability of adding a subwoofer will depend entirely on how large your gaming space actually is.

Can your computer take it?

It’s pointless going out and spending a fortune on high-spec speakers if your computer or console is unable to support them to their maximum potential. Check your computer’s sound card specs to find out the type of speakers that will be most compatible. You can get converters to allow more modern speakers to link with older computers if necessary. Make sure you have the correct ports and leads to connect your chosen speakers to your computer or console too – check the manual for instructions on how and where to connect everything up.

All in the detail

Once you have chosen your speaker, check to see what options it offers and whether you actually need them all to enjoy gaming at its best. For many games, simply having left and right speaker channels will be enough to enhance game play. Others will require a more sophisticated approach, such as adding a sub-woofer for the deeper notes or having the option to adjust the bass, treble and other frequencies to your liking. Don’t forget to measure the space you have available to make sure the speakers fit in, and think about any colour schemes in the room to make sure your system is aesthetically pleasing as well as fun to use.

Be a good neighbour

While you might want to investigate speakers that have enhanced wattage if you want to drown out any outside noise, always be mindful of the neighbours and other

residents within your home. Be considerate of not causing a nuisance to them by gaming at too high a volume, or too late at night. There is a great range of headphones available nowadays, many of which come with hearing protection built in and functionality to totally eliminate outside noise. If you don’t want to use headphones, think about relocating your gaming equipment as far away from adjoining walls as possible to reduce disturbance to other people.

Budget aware

It goes without saying that you should always check your budget when it comes to making purchases such as gaming speakers. How much you choose to spend is obviously up to you, but do bear in mind that you will want to replace or upgrade various parts of your computer and gaming system over time, including your speakers, so it is wise to make sure that you have enough money to cover this eventuality. If you want to make your money go further, consider investing in multi-purpose speakers, such as portable units that can be taken out to parties and gatherings when you are not using them for your computer, console or other gaming system.