The lowdown on multi-room audio

The lowdown on multi-room audio

The lowdown on multi-room audio

Whatever the size of your house or home, being able to listen to music wherever you are is an undoubted bonus to your lifestyle. The good news is that you can enjoy the benefits of multi-room audio in almost any size dwelling or area. The technology offers maximum versatility and uncompromised sound quality with systems designed to suit all budgets, size constraints and listening preferences.

Welcome to multi room audio

First thing’s first -what exactly is multi room audio? At its most basic level, it is the ability to listen to music in one or more rooms at one time. You can choose to play different tunes in different spaces, or to stream the same song all over the house or space, so that the music follows you as you move about. No need for shifting heavy speakers or putting up with trailing connector wires.

Thanks to wireless technology and the rise in speaker capabilities and music streaming availability, multi room audio is easy to install, offers impressive quality and choice for your music and is the final word in versatility. Choose from setting up a separate mesh, or local, network for your speakers or opting for wi-fi connectivity. You can quite literally fill your house with the sound of music at a simple touch of a button. Or link up to your Amazon Echo or Alexa for even greater choice.

Small is beautiful

Sometimes, the available space can be pretty small, so it is crucial to get the specifications for your multi-room audio just right. This becomes even more important in spaces affected by higher noise levels, such as a shop, café or public area. Combining a top-quality wireless speaker and subwoofer with a wireless transmitter and volume control will give you optimum control over the music being played and the ability to spread the sound around the entire space effortlessly for maximum enjoyment. Advances in smart technology mean that you can control your devices via a simple app, or even by using your voice.

Moving up to medium

Slightly larger spaces call for an increase in complexity of the multi room audio set up. As well as the wireless speaker, sub-woofer and transmitter, a control unit brings the whole system together and allows easy access to the controls in just one unit. The main advantage of a medium sized multi-room set is that, despite perhaps only installing it into one space, the user can create separate ‘volume zones’, thus providing a sense of moving across different rooms and altering the effect of music or recordings on the listener across a smaller area.

Going large

As the name implies, multi-room audio enables a speaker or hi-fi system to spread across different rooms to create a wider, more intense listening experience. This is especially effective in larger hotels, where music can be played simultaneously in the lobby, lounge, restaurants and spa areas, all from the same multi-room system. Again, the system can create ‘volume zones’ and offer increased versatility to enable speakers to be moved around when required. This can again be customised according to the available space, listening requirements and amount of extraneous noise and traffic around the system.