Tibo Choros Tap Review

Tibo Choros Tap Review

The Choros Tap from Tibo is a Wifi and Bluetooth Multiroom speaker with Amazon Alexa built in, this smart speaker has near field control activation by just a light touch, allowing users to play music, stream podcasts, listen to audio books, set alarms, make to do lists and access up to date information about the news,weather and traffic.

The Choros Tap will also operate home automation systems and control smart devices within the house, it measures up at 11.5 × 11.5 × 16.5cm with a traditional wrap around fabric design, there’s no mistaking this is a speaker, its not the most glamorous but the touch screen panel gives it a stylish look.

As part of a smart home system, Alexa works with systems like Nest, Hive and Philips Hue, offering control over your lighting and heating systems, the Tap can be connected via Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz), Bluetooth 4.0 or 3.5mm Mini Jack, there are five direct pre-sets for Internet Radio or Spotify Playlists. With the Link ’em Up feature there is the option of connecting to Tibo’s new range of speakers to form a multi-room system, by ‘bouncing’ sound over a distance of up to 10m, you can link up to 16 compatible Tibo products for music all around your home and two speakers can also be paired for stereo sound.

The free app can be used to control the speaker’s basic functions (not sound quality) it also lets you stream separate audio to different (compatible) Tibo devices. The Choros Tap doesn’t feature a built-in battery so may limit where you can place it, the sound quality is reasonably good, the bass is punchy, but the high tones can become harsh at louder volumes. We found this speaker a good choice if you are looking for the Amazon Alexa feature, plus if you have other Tibo devices it is a no brainer to link them up, it is easy to connect and use, making it a fun speaker to have in the home.


4 out of 5