What the press say?

“Want a portable speaker that packs a punch and can be used as part of a multi-room setup?

Step forward Tibo Sphere 2.”

“Audio quality through this little speaker is nothing short of superb. Music sounds extremely full and there is a nice amount of bass coming through thanks to the rear firing subwoofer”

“The speaker has a beautiful design and with its conveniently placed buttons, you can quickly switch between modes and even have 5 pre-assigned radio stations at your disposal.”

“The TIBO Sphere 2 could be the ideal choice if you want a large-sounding portable wireless speaker”

“The Sphere 4 has 50w of power and is loud and room-filling and I love the fact it can be moved easily around the house.”

“If you are looking to build a multiroom speaker network, Tibo definitely has lots going for it”

“It’s very well built, sounds amazing and is easy in use.”

“The bass in this thing is mighty, and the volume is louder than you’re likely to ever want or need in a home environment’

“Not only do you get a powerful- room filling sound from this sleek speaker, you also get up to eight hours of listening time if you use it on the go”

“There’s much to admire in the Vogue 3, not least in the materials it uses and the quality of its construction.”

“The Most Underrated Speaker Ever!”

“Looking for a stylish home speaker that can be used as part of a multi-room audio system but won’t break the bank?”

“I am bound to say the Tibo Kameleon 6 sounds pretty good to me, there’s bags of power here, low end thump and the detail is really impressive if you care to listen closely.”

Are you looking for a roomfilling sound from a stylish speaker that can also be part of a multi-room audio system? The Tibo Kameleon 6 is a good option.

“The sound is powerful, with a bass-y punch to it!”

“Versatility is the name of the game here. The Kameleon Touch can be used to playback audio in single, stereo or group mode at the touch of a button.”

“Tibo Kameleon Touch – The Amazing Small Multiroom Alexa Speaker!”

“This box has music integration the way all of these boxes should work, were they actually as consumer friendly as they would want you to believe.”

“I found it plenty potent enough to listen to Spotify in the living room or kitchen. If I wanted to get proper rowdy, then this is where an additional speaker would come in.The Kameleon touch is a neat smart speaker and is a great way to start building a networked multi-room audio system”

“When music is playing through it, be it from the likes of Spotify or Amazon Music, or direct from your phone via Bluetooth, it sounded great. The quality of sound was perfect, being crisp and clean and with plenty of bass. The speaker is certainly ‘roomfilling”

“A stylish multiroom speaker that can do that little bit more for you”

“This is the also the first Tibo unit with built-in Alexa, so it is in effect a digital assistant as well as an audio powerhouse”

“The TIBO SIA75 and the Legacy +5 are awesome for the price and I would definitely suggest them!” “Really: you can use these speakers for a home party and everyone will probably think you paid thousands of dollars. They are very functional and easy to setup.”

“I love this crazy TIBO Bond Mini... A great solution to the modern problem of upgrading old stereos without spending hundreds of pounds.”

“Tibo’s aim with the SIA75 is to deliver a fully featured streaming amplifier combining smart capabilities with hi-fi levels of performance at a price that won’t break the bank. I’d say it has succeeded in its ambition, and when partnered with a good set of standmount loudspeakers, should prove to be a flexible and rewarding hub for an entry-level hi-fi system”

“The TIBO SmartAMP is absolutely the best amplifier I’ve tried in this size and price range! Networking works flawless and sound quality is impressive for it’s size and price. We highly recommend the TIBO SmartAMP.”